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Our four drawing-room, one bedroom sleeper-lounge provides all the comforts of home.

Each drawing room has three beds: two lower bunks and
one upper bunk, and each also has an enclosed annex with toilet and sink.

The bedroom has an upper and lower bunk and includes a toilet and sink.

The lounge end of the car is fully enclosed with windows all around giving you the luxury

of enjoying the view in all weather conditions.

A shower off the hallway and a galley complete the amenities.


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The Vista Valley was ordered by the Santa Fe for an upgrade of their fleet for the Super Chief in 1947.

She ran as the tail car with a rounded end until the Santa Fe squared off the end and ran her

as a first class sleeper-lounge in the San Francisco Chief until she was retired in 1971.

Subsequently sold into private ownership, the Vista Valley's interior remained complete

and virtually exactly as it had been when it was run by the Santa Fe.

Brought up to Amtrak's mechanical and safety standards by Trans-Texas Rail,

the car has had a shower and a galley added.


She has carried many a movie star and Potentate in her day.

Now she's back on the tracks and ready to carry your friends and family

on the greatest travel vacation you've ever had!



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